Sunday, July 31, 2011

Spartan6 Pin Table View Enhancements in v0.44.2

ADEPT v0.44.2 includes several enhancements to the Spartan6 Pin Table View:
  • The flight time for Spartan6 devices can be also calculated from data in IBIS models. Follow the instructions on the blog: Calculate IO flight time using IBIS model (Of course, download Spartan6 IBIS models instead)
  • Two new columns, IN_TERM and OUT_TERM, are added to display the IN_TERM and OUT_TERM constraints for Spartan6 IOs. Together with the "DIFF_TERM" column, the S6 pin table view now covers all IO termination configurations. These three columns can be populated by
    • constraints in a UCF (File->Read UCF menu) or 
    • configurations in a NCD file (Read NCD with "Get Pin assignments/attributes" checked)
Below is the snpashot of the new Spartan6 Pin Table View