Thursday, September 24, 2009

Generate Orcad Symbol

ADEPT can export a CSV file that can be directly copied and pasted to Orcad Capture part generation spreadsheet to generate a multi-part symbol for the selected device.

Orcad 10.5 or newer is required because the "New Part from Spreadsheet" function was first added to version 10.5. For users with older versions of Orcad, the "Tools->Generate Part" function in Orcad should still work( with simple changes to the CSV file exported in ADEPT.
  1. Run ADEPT
  2. Load target device
  3. Run "File->Export CSV for Orcad Symbol" to export all pins (user I/Os, configuration pins, power pins, etc) to a csv file (say orcad_symbol.csv) that has the same columns as the Orcad symbol spreadsheet
  4. Open the csv file orcad_symbol.csv in MS Excel. Scroll down to the last row and take note of the section number (the last column). The section number is the number of parts that will be generated for the device
  5. Run Orcad Capture and select "New Part From Spreadsheet". On the "New Part Creation Spreadsheet" window, enter a part name in "Part Name" box, the section number above in the "No. of Sections" box, and select "Numeric" for "Part Numbering". This step MUST be done first for the section numbers to show up correctly for each pin.
  6. Go back to MS Excel and select rows 7 to the last row and columns A to G. Press CTRL-C to copy the selection to clipboard.
  7. Switch to Orcad Capture "New Part Creation Spreadsheet" window and select the first cell in the spreadsheet. Press CTRL-V to paste the clipboard content to the spreadsheet. Click "Save" to save the part. You now have a Orcad symbol with multiple parts: one part per bank (including bank 0 and MGT banks), one part for VCC*, one part for GND.


  1. when i paste to orcad all information collect in one column

  2. Sorry, I don't quite get what problems you're having. Can you provide more details? Which version of Orcad are you using?

  3. tell me how i add spartan6 LX9 symbol in orcad16.5

  4. Did you follow the instructions in this post?

  5. When i try to run adept i get an error message which says " Unexpected error occured with ISE. Please check that ISE commands are in the PATH environment variable." I am using ISE 14.2. Any help would be appreciated.


  6. Do you have xilinx bin directories in your PATH? Check

  7. Hi Jim,

    I am working on a replacement older Xilinx family -Vertex 2.5 V (XCV600 parts) with a newer one. I need to build Orcad symbols for a number of XCV600 parts. I have loaded the latest Adapt. Unfortunately it does not look like it supports that particular family. Any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated.


  8. Hi Jim,

    for the A200T-2FFG1156 it appears to create duplicate pins. for example: AN13
    AP13 AJ13 AK13 AL14 AM14

    i could send you the spread sheet if you like.