Monday, December 14, 2009

Virtex5 Component View

The Virtex5 Component View (View->Component View menu) has two parts:

The first part displays all DCM, PLL, BUFGCTRL and global clock pad (GC_P pins) in the order as they are on the device. It also highlights an important clocking rule (circled in the snapshot below) that the global clock pad can only drive BUFG/DCM/PLL in the same top or bottom half. The clocking components above the note are in the top half and the clock components below the note are in the bottom half.

The second part displays BUFIO, BUFR, DSP48, BRAMB, and RPMs used in the design when an NCD is read in (File->Read NCD File) wtih "Get Instance Names" checked (see the snapshot below):

The Component View can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet (Excel->Show Component in Excel menu). The placements of all instances can be exported to a UCF (File->Export Instance LOC to UCF).

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