Saturday, May 21, 2011

Make Part Compatible for 7 Series FPGAs

Several new things introduced in 7 Series FPGAs make part migration trickier than previous familiies:
  • Parts are available in new package types FBG, FHG and FLG in addition to the FFG package. Different package types with the same package pin count may be compatible.
  • Stacked Silicon Interconnect(SSI) devices have multiple FPGA dies on the same package substrate. Each die is designated as a Super Logic Region (SLR) in the device view. It's recommended not to assign IOs of the same interface across SLR boundary. 
  • Some 7 Series devices have two types of IO banks: High Range (HR) banks (max 3.3V VCCO, no ODELAY) and High Performance (HP) banks (max 1.8V VCCO).  Depending on the design, IOs with the same IO name but different bank types in two different part may not be compatible.
ADEPT 0.43.6 added enhancements below to the "ADEPT Tools->Make Part Compatible" function to point out the changes above and hopefully make the migration planning easier:
  1. All parts with the same package pin count can be selected as the new device. In this example, parts in FFG1761, FLG1761, FHG1761 packages are listed in the "New Device" drop-down list.
  2. If the current device and/or the new device are SSI part, the SLR boundary is highlighted in yellow in-between two banks for bonded IOs in different SLRs
  3. For IOs in a HR bank, the suffix "_HR" is appended to all IO names in that bank.

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