Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Special Pin Setup Window

ADEPT 0.38.x has a new function "Tools->Special Pin Setup". This function displays information (tie high/low, types and important notes) for special purpose pins such as configuration pins, power pins, etc. A snapshot of this new function is shown below:

1. Pop-up window to select configuration mode, data width, configuration clk frequency and power supply ramp time.
  • Review: display the special pin setup information for the selected mode/width
  • Example: open the list of links for all configuration examples in your web browser
  • Write UCF: write "PROHIBIT" constraints for dual-purpose pins to UCF
2. Current configuration mode/width, bitstream size, config clk frequency, power supply ramp time and total configuration time
3. Values of Mode pins M[2:0] for current configuration mode
4. Important notes on some configurations pins
5. Pins requiring special attention highlighted in red

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